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Service & Maintenance

Air Conditioning Installers have licensed installers & technicians qualified to service and maintain your air conditioning system.
In order to ensure your air conditioning system runs at optimum efficiency it is important to regularly service it. This becomes more important in cases of harsh weather conditions where you may have extreme hot or cold temperatures for prolonged periods of time.
The team at Air Conditioning Installers can carry out both service & maintenance for both commercial and residential customers.


In case of a breakdown or issues with cooling or heating we aim to respond immediately. You may contact our team who will come out and provide a quote for the repair and we will endeavour to get your system up and running in no time.
Our vans operate all over metropolitan Sydney and can service any residential or commercial site in any suburb.


Ongoing scheduled maintenance is critical to reduce the risk of sudden system failure. Therefore Air Conditioning Installers strongly recommend that you take a preventative maintenance approach in order to maximum the life and ensure your air-conditioning systems continues to operate at an optimum level. Therefore we offer maintenance plans for both residential and commercial sites.

Contact our team to find more about our scheduled maintenance plans.